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Brain Health and Nutrition with Anita Beardsley

Update: Anita was planning to do a short talk on Nutrition and Coronavirus, but her blog is an excellent start:

Anita is now taking appointments via phone/skype etc, if people would like something more. She will be posting store cupboard nutritious recipes daily, please do follow her Facebook page here

Do you find it hard to maintain focus and stay on task? Do you suffer from brain fog, low mood or anxiety? Can you feel yourself becoming more forgetful and do you struggle to retain information? Or are you tired all of the time? Our modern diet and 21st century living can take its toll on the brain. Degeneration affects individuals of all ages and often begins long before physical symptoms are evident. But a decline in brain health as we age is not inevitable. The brain is resilient and can thrive at any age when given the right conditions and nutrients. Come along to this informal workshop to learn more and to feel empowered to make small changes to your diet and lifestyle to support you and the health of your brain.


25th April 10am -12.30pm – £20
BREATHWORK with Hannah Nedas

What is Breathwork? This workshop will introduce you to the empowering tools and teaching of Breathwork which can be incorporated into your daily life.
Through connecting to our breath, we are able to access more presence, choice and a greater ability to shift perspective. Breathwork allows us to boost creativity, reveal and transform self-limiting beliefs and restore inner connection. Breathwork can also help to release stress and anxiety whilst increasing emotional and physical health.

30th May 10am -12.30pm – £20
GUT HEALTH with Maria Franklin

Are you being kind to your gut? Would you like to discover more about the Gut-Health connection? Come and find out about your own gut health, how some of the main food groups can affect you, and how your body may need different foods and nutrients to others.
There will be some simple techniques for supporting your body’s energy system and some suggestions to gently improve your gut health and well-being.