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25th January 10am – 12.30pm – £20
Introduction to Ayurveda with Mike Young

Ayurveda is the Indian Traditional Health care system. Essentially it is about maintaining physical and mental equilibrium through lifestyle and diet. Each of us has a unique constitution that has a predisposition towards behaviours and foods that lead to balance as opposed to imbalance and ill health. This session will be an introduction to Ayurveda in which you will get a clearer understanding of your own constitution and how you can apply this understanding to living more harmoniously with yourself and those around you…


29th February 10am – 12.30pm – £20
Introduction to Mindfulness with Alithea Waterfield

“When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose
connection with one another – and ourselves.”– Jack Kornfield.

In this session, Alithea will introduce the science behind Mindfulness. She will explore what mindfulness is, and isn’t, and look at a few definitions and what they mean. There will be Mindful Practices that you can take away and integrate into your life should you wish. The aim of the session is that you will come away with a better” experiential” understanding of Mindfulness and how it might support you in your life.
Alithea, “You will have spent a morning exploring who you truly are”.
Alithea Waterfield is a Mindfulness teacher and massage therapist, facilitating groups and seeing people individually.


21st March 10am -12.30pm – £25
Brain Health and Nutrition with Anita Beardsley

Anita will return to the Retreat after her highly successful
Nutrition for Menopause session. Do you find it hard to maintain focus and stay on task? Do you suffer from brain fog, low mood or anxiety? Can you feel yourself becoming more forgetful and do you struggle to retain information? Or are you tired all of the time? Our modern diet and 21st century living can take its toll on the brain. Degeneration affects individuals of all ages and often begins long before physical symptoms are evident. But a decline in brain health as we age is not inevitable. The brain is resilient and can thrive at any age when given the right conditions and nutrients. Come along to this informal workshop to learn more and to feel empowered to make small changes to your diet and lifestyle to support you and the health of your brain.