EMMETT Technique and Kinesiology

Maria Franklin MBPsS, KFRP is an EMMETT Technique Advanced Practitioner Level 6, Kinesiology & Nutrition, Access Bars Emm-Tech Tutor.

Maria – I have always been interested in why things happen so when I became ill some years ago I wanted to get to the root of my problem and deal with the causes rather than just suppress the symptoms. My journey led me to a consultant who introduced me to Kinesiology as a way to communicate with my body. This opened up a whole new way of listening to my body and understanding health. After training in Kinesiology, I later qualified in the EMMETT Technique and gained a psychology degree as well as studying Epigenetic kinesiology and nutrition.

If you would like to talk to me about how I can help you, please get in touch by text, email or a phone call –  maria@energyandhealth.co.uk or tel 07785 791499.

‘I realised the other day that the ‘presenting problem’ I came with has disappeared – almost to the extent I have forgotten what it was! I do feel different …. as though some of the layers are peeling off!’

‘The bloating has gone and I am feeling much more energy’

‘I have forgotten how achy and unbalanced I was when I first went for treatment. I was anxious about going for long walks because my hip hurt, my knees ached and my feet were tired. Now I have none of those problems.’

EMMETT Technique
Releasing and Rebalancing Muscles

EMMETT technique is a safe, simple muscle release therapy used to address pain and discomfort and improve movement restrictions.

How Does it work?
EMMETT Technique involves the application of light finger pressure at specific points on the body. In a similar way to the workings of a touch screen the body responds to this light touch by changing muscle tension and action.

Why choose EMMETT Technique?
Some of the most common issues where people choose EMMETT are pain and restriction in back, hips, neck, shoulders, knees, feet or ankles; migraines and headache; breathing; fluid retention; lymphatic and sinus congestion; discomfort during pregnancy; abdominal cramps and bowel discomfort. And much much more!!!

EMMETT Technique is a complete therapy on its own and can also be used in combination with Kinesiology and Epigenetic nutritional testing.

Listening to Your Body

Kinesiology is a gentle and effective system designed to support all aspects of health and improve well being. It can help you to understand and address the roots of your problem. Every ache, pain or uncomfortable feeling is a message from your body and Kinesiology is designed to help you find out what the message means for you. Each session is specific to you and your needs, works at your pace and focuses on the most important areas to address.

How Does it work?
The technique uses gentle muscle monitoring to establish the priority areas and choose the protocols for the session. Your body has all the information you need, and the muscle response enables us to determine where to start to make a change.

Why choose Kinesiology?
It is a natural approach that works with the whole person. Some of the reasons people use Kinesiology are Digestive issues; Stress and anxiety: Hormonal issues; Bewildering or persistent problems; Repeating patterns: Chronic and long term problems; Lack of energy and more.

You don’t need to be ill or have a problem to benefit from these techniques. Feeling lighter and more relaxed, and finding out what you need can help you stay well. And it’s good to have a regular ‘service’.

Kinesiology practitioners do not give medical diagnosis, please see your medical practitioner if you need medical advice.


Epigenetic Testing using Kinesiology

Providing the building blocks of life ‘Health begins in the gut’
Every body is different. The cells in your body are influenced by their environment and the availability of nutrients. You are not just what you eat, you are what you digest, absorb and assimilate.

Enjoying the best foods for you can make a huge difference to how you feel and is a simple way to take charge of your health. Modern food production and processing reduces the nutrient value of food and often adds in compounds which the body finds difficult to digest. The result is that over time your body can become both deficient and overloaded.

Epigenetic Testing applies Kinesiology to look at your specific needs. The concept is simple, putting good things into your body and taking the not-so-good out.

Using a range of test kits we can look at food groups, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbs, spices, hormones, digestive issues, and also the bad guys such as pathogens, toxic metals and chemicals and how to deal with them.

How Does it work?
The technique uses gentle muscle monitoring to establish which food groups your body can tolerate; if you need any digestive support or other nutrients such as minerals, vitamins or fatty acids; or which hormones might be out of balance and what your body needs to address the problem.

Why choose Epigenetic Testing?
It works specifically with you and your body, allowing it to indicate what it needs. People with the same apparent symptoms may need very different solutions and Epigenetic Testing offers information unique to you.

Working Together
By combing techniques we can, for example, look at nutrition, supplements or movement to support your physical body; help you tackle thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck; release tensions held in muscles; and address elements of your environment that are adversely affecting you.


Kinesiology can offer an understanding of the problem as well as a system of protocols designed to create change.
Emmett Technique can be used to address pain, restricted movement and discomfort, and for a relaxing, clearing treatment.
Epigenetic nutrition testing can be used to support the changes you want to experience.


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