Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique and Yoga at The Retreat with Mike Young

Well known in theatrical, musical and sporting circles as a way of improving performance, the Alexander Technique is a process through which anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can learn to use less effort and reduce tension in any activity such as sitting at a computer, standing and walking.
People typically experience improvement in dealing with conditions such as:
– Back, neck and joint pain
– Muscle tension and stiffness
– Breathing and vocal problems
– Anxiety and stress-related conditions
– Poor posture
– Recovery from surgery and illness

Mike also offers 121 Yoga lessons for those who would like to work with a simple Yoga practice designed for your current health condition –  details here.

Mike, “I think the two disciplines of Yoga and the Alexander Technique complement each other very well. One definition of Yoga from an ancient text is that it is śantiḥ or peaceful flow. When we give our attention to our movements we move from an agitated or restless state of body/mind to one where we flow more peacefully through life. This is also the case with the Alexander Technique too. This is something we can all learn to do no matter what our age or physical condition.”

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