We have taken the incredibly difficult and sad decision to permanently close our doors at our current location. As touch-based therapists (mostly) we think it will be a considerable time before we are able to work in the same way and to the same extent as we were just a couple of months ago.

We will be at our current location until early July, so if you would like herbal teas, fitness aids, skincare items, etc, these can still be purchased for collection from The Retreat. Please contact me directly on marian@retreat.wales or 07816 981454.

Our governing bodies have instructed us to stop work and although none of us can predict what will happen next, we really feel that it is going to be some time before we are able to get going and then perhaps in a phased return.

Given all this uncertainty we feel that we have no choice but to pack up and look to open again when we feel it is safe and secure for us to do so.

The situation is very tough, we miss our work, our clients and community and very much look forward to working together again at some point in the future.

Several of the practitioners (including myself) are trying as hard as we can to adapt to the situation by offering telephone and online support, please contact us directly (details here: retreat.wales/practitioners).

Please follow this link to see what I am offering: online consultations.

You can contact me on 07816 981454 or marian@retreat.wales.

Thank you for your support and stay safe,
Very best wishes

Marian Hardiman | Founder